Welcome to HistoryOfMath.Org! The purpose of this site is to gather resources and ideas for those who teach or who are studying the history of mathematical thought. The focus of this site is on mathematical development that pre-dates Renaissance Europe, much of which is given little or no attention in History of Math textbooks. Sections include:
  • Foundations. This section includes material that will help you to prepare students for their study of the study of mathematics in early civilizations. It includes pre-civilization mathematics, as well as supporting discussions.
  • Mediterranean Basin. A look at the mathematics utilized by those civilizations surrounding the Mediterranean Basin, including the Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Persians, Canaanites, Jews, Greeks, and Romans.
  • Asia. A look at the mathematical innovations of the Islamic, Chinese, and Indian people.
  • Americas. Too often ignored as a "dead end" in mathematical development, a study of math as it was beginning to develop in the Americas prior to European colonization.

The pages on this website contain (or will contain) the following pieces:

Key Objectives
For each civilization or time of study, we will help you to identify key learning objectives for your class. Of course, your objectives may vary, depending on the students in your class. Some objectives are of special importance to pre-service and in-service elementary school teachers. Those are stressed on this site, as this is the population to which the site's main contributor teaches. Other populations (math majors, history majors, etc.) may benefit from a focus on other objectives. If you teach one of these other groups, we welcome suggestions to add to our learning objectives.

Lesson Chunks
Based on the key learning objectives, several "lesson chunks" are provided as PDF documents. We use the lesson chunk approach to enable you to pick and choose the chunks that meet your class's learning objectives. Chunks may be organized into a lesson plan based on the amount of time that you have to devote to the topic. Please take care to take prerequisites into consideration when selecting chunks.

Handouts and Worksheets
As anyone who has taught math will tell you, developing math worksheets can be difficult and time-consuming. And that's with our own number system! So, we might as well share what we have with one another.

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